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Training Log for the Week of May 27th, 2024

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    Linell Bonnette

The dog attack didn't seem so bad last Thursday, but it turns out that was mostly adrenaline. Over the weekend it hurt like a mofo and I'm actually a little worried that my left arm is going to be even weaker than usual once I get back into the swing of things.


Today is Memorial Day and SBLive gave us the day off. My partner and I celebrated by grilling twice -- chili dogs for lunch and a big batch of shrimp for dinner. It wasn't entirely an off day though because I cut the grass in 90 degree weather, which worked out to about two hours of work. I'd really been looking forward to doing yard work again, but boy had I gotten used to San Diego's weather. The Mississippi heat has been killer.


This morning I wanted so badly to sleep late. I laid in bed for ten minutes after my alarm went off, telling myself it was okay to go back to sleep. Instead I bucked up and rode for an hour on the indoor trainer. It wasn't a particularly hard session, but it counts! My workout time was 1:00:01 and my average heart rate was 140bpm. I spent right around half of that in zone three and I feel great afterwards.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

I didn't end up doing much this week, because the latter half of the week was spent preparing and flying out to San Diego.